meet Jen // December 6, 2017

Hey, guys!

With many new followers, I wanted to give you guys some more of my story...let's start from the top!

I was born & raised in Houston, Tx (yes, "Houston proper").  Growing up, my mom was the family "documentarian" (as my dad likes to say!) - she always had, & still does have, her camera at-the-ready.  So in high school, when photography classes were an elective option, I thought, "Why not?"  I signed up for the "Photography I" class, & my love for photography very quickly began.  

I grew up traveling to many beautiful, unique places with very significant meaning to my family & me.  What first sparked my love for photography was learning to capture the unique beauty of these places & people with my camera - & not always just capturing the "whole picture" but the details & emotion, too.  I then took as many photo classes as I could before graduating high school.  And at that time, I honestly just never thought of pursuing photography as a career, so I kept up with it off-&-on as a hobby.

For college, I went to Texas Christian University (TCU - Go Frogs!), which is when/where my love for the great city of Fort Worth, Tx all began.  While I was a sophomore at TCU, my parents moved away from Houston to pursue their dream of living out on Lake Travis, which planted them ~30 miles northwest of downtown Austin, Tx.  What a blessing this has been for our family, & how awesome it is to me that I now return "home" to this beautiful place for the holidays, fun on the lake, or often just some much-needed family time.

Two weeks after I graduated from TCU in May 2013, I moved to Dallas, Tx for about a year & a half to pursue my masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology from UTDallas.  The day I graduated from UTDallas with my graduate degree in December 2014, I moved back to Fort Worth - I was beyond ecstatic to be living in this wonderful city again!

After being back in Fort Worth for almost exactly 3 years now, I could not love it more.  I have found the most incredible community, who the good Lord led me to through membership at Watermark Community Church in Fort Worth.  He didn't stop there, though - the Lord's plans have also now turned my once-hobby of photography into an answered prayer of starting my own photography business & career AND now running this business full-time!!  I truly could not be more grateful for this exciting experience & next chapter in my life!

I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to learn a little bit of my story, & I so look forward to hearing from you!

x jen